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forward. or even if west virginia was in a position to perhaps win , wirin either way, a david versus g go lieith -- goliath type feel. >> jim: no question. >> clark: and butler has been working towards this opportunity for a long time. >> jim: good feed, smith goes inside to ebanks. >> clark: one of the few times we have seen that tonight, jim, and usually west virginia will get a couple of baskets a half on that type of cut but duke has done a really good job of pressuring the ball and being in good position as a team to take away some of the curls and back cuts. >> jim: the first points of the second half for ebanks. scheyer. gets past the defenders. >> clark: everything that we talk about at the top of the telecast that west virginia needed to do, defend the 3-point shot, rebound the basketball, contain dribble penetration. [whistle] >> clark: it has not happened. >> jim: another call against thomas. how about the big three? talking about singler, smith, scheyer. for the duke blue devils. >> clark: they have all been stellar and nolan smith has done it with the penetration and 3-point
his scandal. >>> deadly mind disaster. others missing in west virginia nationwide insurance, let me hear it. i've never had an accident. is there anything you can do for me ? yeah, i'm here with liz. i need a brilliant idea right now. guys ! i just gagged. here it is. deductible. take $50 off. wait. take $100 off for every year she doesn't have an accident... ... and call it vanishing deductible. hook, line, sinker. done. >>> deadly mine explosions, dozens of people are dead after an explosion in west virginia. >> good evening i'm denise koch. >> and vic carter. >>> sirens screamed toward the upper big bend mine. and people feared the worse. >> my brother called and he said if ambulances were going past my house. because it's a coal mining community. and when you hear so many ambulances, there has to be something wrong. >> reporter: dozens of ambulances were heading toward charleston, west virginia. >> it's a rescue operation. they have 96 hours of oxygen in there. so we have time on our side. >> reporter: officials do not know what caused the explosion but say it appeared to have h
. >>> let's take a look at radar, we have some rain across virginia, and it's moving slowly but surely toward the north to northeast. there you see it across rowanock now. periods of rain as that low approaches. 53degrees right now, temperatures are going to drop a little bit more tonight. no winds, barometer currently holding steady. southern virginia temps, 45 oakland, ocean city. it is going to continue to get a little moist. very light winds across the entire region. most of the day they've been out of the south southwest. but tomorrow, they'll continue to bring more moisture out of the south. this low is moving to the east primarily across the north carolina and virginia border. you may pick up a .10. it will be cloudy all day long and you may see periods of rain. right now if this continues moving to the east and doesn't extend to the north, we will not see as much rain for at all. the weak front will pass us on thursday. may bring us a brief sprinkle and plenty of sunshine and milder temps for friday. saturday night yet another system coming to the plain states to bring us anoth
in decades. >> we're tough people here in virginia, we'll make it. >> tonight, the effort to rescue the miners. >>> the pain of the last 22 hours drags on for a tiny town in west virginia. 24 miners are dead, four are still misses after an explosion in a mine. tonight, the town hangs on to hope hoping the miners will survive. >> reporter: the people of the town are praying for a miracle. >> we join together, that's what we do. >> reporter: in these hills, two drills operating side by side are boring down 1100 feet to ventilate toxic gases. so rescuers can go back inside the upper big branch mine where four workers are still missing. >> we cannot do anything more at this time, we cannot enter the mines without putting people at risk. >> reporter: the town is already grieving the loss of 25 miners who died in the massive underground explosion monday afternoon. it's the worse mining accident in the u.s. since 1984. >> i'm just really sad. my brother is gone. >> reporter: many families are still holding on to hope their loved ones could be among the missing and possibly still alive. so
have several hours where we'll see rain activity. moving in from virginia it's pretty much ended. areas of light to moderate rain on the eastern shore, a batch moving your direction and around dc as well, moving east to northeast. so till about 2:00 or 2:30, -- >> okay, bob, thank you. >>> what started as traffic trouble, turned into more for one man. that's because he filmed and posted it on you tube. >> reporter: the bikerdecided to postthe video on you tube. when the state police saw the posting and reopened the investigation. >> get off the motorcycle, get off the motorcycle. get off the motorcycle. state police. >> reporter: this video is causing a stir online with state police and now the hartford county state's attorney. an unmarked trooper car pulled him over for speeding. >> i was afraid, i felt the person at that time i didn't know was an officer was going to shoot me. >> reporter: the man could be in trouble because he posted the video on you tube. >> i posted it on you tube, because my mother was upset about the whole situation, and he pulled a gun at me i didn't know
showers, rain now across porgs of the virginia, west virginia, this batch is going to slow its spread to the east. by tomorrow afternoon, do expect to see some rain. it's going to take a little while for the moisture to move in. maybe a thundershower with that front close to the area on sunday afternoon. it may linger into monday, even tuesday. southwest winds 59 knots. tonight, partly cloudy skies later on. 46 by morning. a lot of clouds tomorrow, probably light rain popping up in the afternoon. high of 58 degrees. the next five days a risk of more showers on sunday. maybe some thunder. it will not rain this entire period. we'll probably see periods that will be cloudy. but we will have a risk of showers and 60s back here by next wednesday. >> check in with andrea fujihi starting at 6:00 a.m. for the updated first warning weather forecast. >>> and the o's are trying to right the ship as they take on the red sox. stan has the highlights next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> finally action for the ravens in the draft. >> once round two commenced on a love lovely friday afternoon. and
york this afternoon, allowing the rain in northern texas by the way. west virginia,west virginia, and across the region overnight, behind it the breeze to the northwest. low pressure over california will force the cooler air into the region. snow across michigan this afternoon and they had snow still going on across western maine and the higher elevations of new hampshire this afternoon. temperatures in washington were in the upper 20s with moderate snow this afternoon. yeah, here's the front getting ready to go through the region. to the north and west, it may be at 100-miles or so. clearing up nice. decent day. seeing clouds from time to time. it will be breezy and a lot cooler today. maybe getting up to around 60. not a bad day really, but cooler than we have seen. northwest winds up to 25 knots. there will be a small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow. the sunrise, 6:27. you will probably see that at 7:46. overnight tonight, more showers, and maybe a rumble of thunder or two. 5 a by morning -- 55 by morning. tomorrow, clouds and chilly compared to what we saw. 61 the high fo
and the men's lacrosse squad lost to number two virginia. number four terps losing to number two virginia. >>> meanwhile nascar in talladega, green light finish. if you get caustic, you better close your eyes. brad keslowski wins. >>> nba winners include celtics over miami, nuggets and jazz still going on, and cleveland beat the bus. >> o's win. >> o's win. story of the week. >> thank you. >>> make way for ducklings. a brood of baby ducks takes to the streets. we'll hear their heart warming st,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> stan apologizes. he was trying to say that the celtics stay alive in the playoffs. >>> this group of duckings were orphaned when their mother was killed in a car accident. the caregiver says one day they should be able to return to the wild but for now they will stay at that time wisconsin humane society. society. good ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, compare a well equipped lexus es, to a well-equipped buick lacrosse. get inside each. and see what you find. if perfection is what you pursue, this just might change your course. meet the new class of world class. the twenty-ten lacross
will allow oil platforms in water 50 miles off the coast of virginia and would lift the mother tore yum -- moratorium on exploration. >> given our energy needs in order to produce jobs and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel even as we ramp up renewable sources. >> reporter: would allow drilling from the northern tip of delaware to the coast of florida. >> more information as it comes available and to ascertain whether we believe that the downsides. detriments of oil and gas drilling off the coast overrides our concerns with the environment. >> reporter: governor martin o'malley is opposed to drilling off maryland's shores in the past now says he's neutral and he is now eager to begin working out the issues that need to be addressed in order to make this a comprehensive policy. >> oil and wort simply -- water simply don't mix. we're trying to get the bay better, not allow it to be worse. >> reporter: more than 60% of our oil, some are willing to accept the risk. >> relative to where the gas prices are going, i don't understand why
an wjz's eyewitness news, more mine major just after the explosion killed 29 minorrers in west virginia. another accident miles away. and rock star brett michaels in critical condition. plus a man strikes it rich when a chain machine malfunctions. what did he do with the money? and : >> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. this is the beginning of the storm. we'll have the complete forecast when eyewitness news returns. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> weeks after a west virginia coal mining accident explosion kills dozens, another mine accident leaves one worker dead. this time 28-year-old john king died after getting trapped between a rock -- between a block of coal and a piece of equipment yesterday. the accident took place miles away from the april 5 explosion that killed 29 miners. that was the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. >>> airline passengers with tickets to and from europe are being asked to give up their seats to people stranded from the volcano. virgin is one making a request. the airlines are expected to lose more than $2 billion. the majority of europe is free of volcanic
fort families of four west virginia coal miners missing. rescue crews have now found the bodies bringing the death toll to 29. it is now the nation's worst coal mining tragedy since 1970. crews started the solemn task of removing the victims from the mine. >>> one of the most talked about masters tournaments is proving to be frustrating at time for golfer tiger woods. however, despite inconsistent play, he does remain very strong in the competition. right now, tiger is in third place and four shots off the lead going into tomorrow's final round. randall pinkston reports from augusta georgia. >> reporter: a frustrating day for tiger woods. his game looked off all day. despite his promise to control his outbursts, at times, his emotions got the best of him. >> come on! >> reporter: he was able to head to third place. >> i just want to put myself in contention, and i did that. a good round tomorrow. you never know. >> reporter: woods now trails lee westwood and phil mickelson, who provided the highlight of the week. >> goodness gracious! >> reporter: no one as sure how woods would
state followed by west virginia duke. winners meet monday night for the title. you can also see that here on wjz. zack schroder makes a run for the net, all tied at 12. about a minute to go they go toover to overtime. less than a minute in, georgetown scores. >>> rene hopkins on the left, jones jr. on the right. both at 175 pounds. they square off in the ring tomorrow night. this is a rematch of their first meeting that jones won 17 years ago. hopkins is now 45, jones is 41. and he called hopkins an old man. i wouldn't call either it's definitely expensive having a growing family. and it's something that you think about. we try to be conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we can feed everyone on a budget. at giant, we know saving money is important. every time you shop with your card, you can enjoy thousands of real deal savings and weekly specials. like super g spiral sliced ham, $1.28 a pound, and beef rib roast, $4.99 a pound. this weekend only. it makes me feel good because we're saving money. and that works for me. only with your giant card. - bread. - laundry de
see it here on wjz. final saturday, west virginia and duke in the night cap. a championship game monday night also here on wjz. >>> day three of competition complete at country club lanes. defending champ west mallet of texas has the lead. the field will be down to sunday's televised final. these guys are good and that's some good money if you're that good. >> not bad for a weekend's worth of work. >> it's called a marathon. so it's five dayed. >>> the president saving money on cereal. - bread. - laundry detergent. even paper towels and toothpaste. at safeway, we've made a promise to lower the prices... on thousands of everyday items throughout the store. and, with our club card specials like... safeway ham, just 88ยข a pound, and gold pineapple, only $1.97 each, safeway is keeping that commitment. so you'll always get what you want, when you want it, - at the price you need. - today and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden b
pressure been sitting over west virginia this afternoon. moving across the region tonight. slowly taking the clouds. behind it some dry air. in the morning possibly some left over showers, and then by afternoon i do expect to see the sunshine coming back out. it's going to be a little breezy tomorrow because of a low pressure moving off shore and that combined with an area of high pressure. it will be alt a little bit on the chilly side. eventually mild air coming in here, that will be on thursday and friday, some nicer conditions by the end of the week. as it ends up a gust maybe as high as 20. still some left over showers. some areas drizzle and some fog. 50 degrees by morning, 63 morning shower and then some breezy skies in the afternoon. 63 on wednesday. 39 tomorrow night. 40 wednesday night. close to 70, 80, sunshine for the ends of the week. summer returns this weekend. >>> thank you, bob. coming up the yankees are coming to town. >>> mark has more coming up ,,,, the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he
kentucky, moving across virginia. rain continued through missouri state. some areas picked up some pretty good accumulation. nothing like that here, we do have a big warm up however after tonight and tomorrow, the chill will retreat up to the north. and by friday we're back close to 80, even into the 80s. this weekend. yes believe it or not. tomorrow however, a bit of a breeze continuing, the bay temp up to 50 for tonight. clear and chilly with lighter winds. 38. some neighborhoods can get up to 39. 63, a lot of sunshine but a breeze tomorrow. 69 on thursday, 80 for friday. mid-80s saturday and 80 at least on sunday with some clouds. it could get warmer if the next front slows down. it could be in the mid- to it could be in the mid- to upper 80s by the second half ,,, @@ >>> orioles president andy mcfail answered questions and says he talks daily with trembley and the focus is improving how the players perform on the feel. specifically timely hitting and closing out. rookie ryan hughes and his home debut, third game as an oriole. ties it up 2-2. part of a two out rally in the 6th inning
quickly enough. >>> hope is fading tonight for the west virginia coal miners. high methane gas have prevented workers. but hope crews could enter the mines sometime tonight. it's those high levels of methane gas that killed 25 miners. an it's also been revealed the company has been cited for violations. >>> a teenager said she was grabbed if behind and then raped at her apartment complex. police released this sketch of the suspect. investigators say on monday the 1-year-old was -- 19-year-old was walking when the suspect dragged her into a laundry room and raped her. if you think you have any information call crime stoppers. >>> well, he was a husband, a father and a friend. larry ben ski also loved cycling and that's what he was doing tuesday when he was hit by a car and killed. explains there is often a battle between cyclists and drivers for a spot on the road. >> reporter: became deadly saturday afternoon. ben ski leaves two young daughters and a wife behind. alex sals burg teaches his oldest daughter. >> it was incredibly tragic. he was such a vibrant presence in the class. >>
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